Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brandes - Bleach Demo

I arrived to late to get the in-progress pictures of this demo but it's pretty self explanatory. The tight sketch can be seen in the second picture in the top left if you're interested. A bleach technique courtesy of Don Brandes.

Step 1: Sketch out a tight drawing
Step 2: Photocopy sketch onto toned paper, ie - Canson's Me Teintes
Step 3: Use a brush that can get into a nice tip
* DON'T use any high quality brushes this is a BLEACH technique!
Step 4: Dilute bleach and slowly lighten areas as desired. Use as much or as little bleach as you would like, at this point it's all up to you.

other variations of the same tight sketch - Watercolor/Acrylic/Gouache


Schin said...

I thougt this was the coolest effect ever!

Karina Gazizova said...