Monday, March 23, 2009

Review: Business Cards from

My knowledge on Professional Printing:
NONE, I have never ordered business cards before, up until now I just used my home printer. From doing so I have learned it is a complete pain to print the cards exactly how you plan, it gets off center and cuts off portions of your image.
Before you can use's services you have to register - FYI, They didn't accept my gmail account. For the available products there are templates and the FAQ link at the bottom will let you know what files they prefer and other options available, I submitted a .PSD in CMYK. Business Card General Info:
Run Size: Can vary from 100 to 100,000
Color: 4:0 / 4:1 / 4:4
Finish: No Coating / Gloss / UV / Spot UV / Matt/Dull / Metallic - optional: Rounded Corners
Paper Weight: 100lb / 14PT / 16PT
Turn-Around: Next Day / 2-4 Business Days

Additional Options:
PDF Proofs - $5.00
Samples - $9.99

My Order:
Dimensions - 2" x 3.5"
Weight - 16 PT
Finish - Matt/Dull
Print/Color Type - 4:4
Run size - 1000
Turn Around - 2-4 Business Days
Total: $24

Shipping Method: UPS ground - FREE
Order Placed: Friday February 27th @ 10:21 am
Shipped: Tuesday March 3rd @ 8:30 pm
Arrived: Wednesday March 4th @ 9:36 am

Opinion of Business Cards Received:
Weight - 16 PT
Thick and durable with a lot of spring. I ordered the 16PT to be safe, next time around I would order 14PT, the 16PT is more expensive. If you're trying to save money and have never printed before I think the 14PT would be thick enough. I have no idea about the 100lb but if its the same weighting scale as the drawing paper i use I wouldn't risk it.
Finish - Matt/Dull
Good, allows you to see the image's texture really well and doesn't distract from the small text. Next time I would love to try something fancy like a spot UV (makes specified spots shiny).
Print/Color Type - 4:4
The color transfer from screen to print worked well, Overall printed darker. Makes me wonder if i had submitted a darker piece if it would've printed too dark. The Bat has a little more warmth to it but overall it works fine. The ink smells a bit strong but I don't know if that's typical. Best part you can't see any color dots.
PROBLEM: My text was centered originally, their system for cutting must have been a bit off because the text is weighted further over to the left . If I wanted to use this company again I wouldn't use centered text. But because I'll probably be writing reviews each time I need new Business Cards I'll probably just try another company for comparison and see if the same problem occurs.
Run size - 1000
Probably got way more than necessary but for only $24 shipped it was worth it. The box was 19" x 4"
Turn Around - 2-4 Business Days
Totally impressed with the Quick turn around. The printing facility is in Miami and I'm in Sarasota so once the product was in the mail it only took about 12 hours to get here.

Overall Feelings:
Very satisfied. Minimal visibility of off centered text. All clean edges, only a couple were cut poorly, there was a white patch at the top of a couple but out of 1000 it really doesn't matter just throw them out.

Products Available Through
Booklets * Bookmarks * Business Cards * CD Covers
CD Inlays * Calendar * DVD Covers * Door Hangers
Envelope * Flyers / Brochures * Greeting Cards
Letterhead * Magnets * Multi-Page Booklets * Postcards
Posters * Presentation Folders * Rip Cards
Rolodex Cards * Sell Sheets * Stickers
Table Tent Cards * Tear Off Cards * Trading Cards

* if you have any other questions let me know :] *


Schin said...

Another good place to get cards printed is at
I used to try vistaprint (never use them), bestcolorphoto (terrible colors), etc., but gotprint is my best so far. They have good prices too.. but I've never tried their other products tho.
I recommend them!!

Anonymous said...

If you're a small business, don't go with 4over. Although their print quality is so-so and acceptable for the price, their customer service is terrible. They recently dropped myself and probably hundreds of other small business customers who "don't order frequently enough." They just don't want our business.

That's just downright stupid considering that a probably pretty large majority of print resellers are either freelancers or very small boutique design firms.

marcsanchez74 said...

Kendra Melton:

Just curious, are you a print reseller, broker or in a related industry? They claim they will not sell to the public unless you're a legitimate business in the industry.

Kendra Melton said...

I'm not sure what to tell you except that I used my Student e-mail I had while at Ringling and there were no issues. I did try my hotmail and gmail accounts and it wouldn't accept them. So I'm not exactly sure what their policy is for saying yes or no to an e-mail address except that maybe open to the public free e-mails like those two are unacceptable in their eyes. I really wouldn't know. You can e-mail the company if you'd like. They always send me reminders or when they have sales. One time a woman from the company e-mailed me just to make sure I was satisfied with my product and if they could help me with anything else. I replied no but I appreciated the response, and they even responded to that very nicely. Seems like a pretty good company from what I've seen. Personal contact with them might be best if you're having any issues. (sorry for the book, I'm good at being long winded)

Anonymous said...

I have been a loyal customer to for about 3 years now. While I do not enjoy when I need to speak to their customer service (rude), I did like that I could get immediate quotes through their website. They are definitely not small-business friendly and I'm sad to report that I no longer use 4over for any of my printing. I recently learned that a friend (also in the sign business) who used for his business printing & mail out services. His clients were all sent advertisements from 4over's commercial website advertising their print services. There are other printing companies out there that welcome small businesses like mine & who will match 4over's pricing without stealing addresses. Some of them only offer printing to those of us already in the printing business - I print tshirts and signs. Apparently I can also write a book!! :]

Anonymous said...

Perfect Example of lies by 4over. They say end users can't use their services and only people that are in the business of printing.

I guess the
4over complaints have truth.

Lunessa Designer Jewelry said...

I'm a small designer,
and I used to use 4over until they dropped me... can someone recommend another versatile printer. I'm working on a job right now with matte coated 2x2 sized cards with a spot uv... and having trouble finding a printer who does both that size, and the specific finish. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You should try They have great customer service and two locations. Every time I call they are very helpful and there color is consistent on everything I have printed every time. They also price match!!

Anonymous said...

I will second that... Partner is AWESOME! They do it right everytime!

Anonymous said...

I've been a a broker for 15 years and I use Gosselin Graphics. Check them out, you can actually call them and talk to someone who:
1. knows printing
2. knows about your job
3. can actually help you. is their website.

Anonymous said...

You might want to look into BCT (Business Cards Tomorrow). They are a wholesale franchise with 45 locations across the United States and Canada. They offer 4-color and spot color process along with free branded websites for you larger accounts. You will always have someone to speak with on the phone when you call and they are wholesale only!

George said...

I am also a print broker/magazine publisher. We have accounts with 4Over, BCT & Gosselin (aka Each company has certain strengths due the equipment they have in-house. All of our 4/4 UV Business Cards go to Gosselin. BCT is best for Thermo.

Anonymous said...

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